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Complete with five star facilities and amenities, Mezza II Residences include 25 meter lap pool, a sky lounge, function rooms, residential lobby with reception and lounge, four levels of parking spaces, a stand-by power generator, and commercial and retail establishments, among others.

Mezza II Residences has a total of one thousand three hundred and twenty-four Residential condo units with thirty-five floors. The average number of condo units in each floor is thirty-eight units. However, the seventh floor consists of a total number of thirty-seven condo units while 42nd down to the 8th floor each consist of thirty-eight condo units. The 43rd floor consists of a total number of 33 condo units. There is a total number of two hundred, and sixty-nine parking spaces with a provision of seven motorcycle and 23 car lift slots.

Mezza II Residences has a welcoming residential lobby with lounge and reception that serve all its inhabitants with its five elevators. The presence of many elevators is convenient as well as do away with commotion within the vicinity. The five elevators are convenient since it will be easy for the residents to access their homes faster by not waiting for a working elevator to halt. The elevators also assist the residents not to get tired of going up through the many stairs to reach their homes. The apartment has a service elevator and small passenger elevators which the inhabitants use to access up to the last floor.

At the apartment, there is a commercial place on the ground floor. The commercial place has hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, a mall, and much more. The prominent hotels in the premises cook both nation and international food to the visitors. One great thing about the hotels is that they are well decorated and the residents can their loved ones for dinner as well as dates. The hotels operate both at daytime and at night. Hence, those who get home during the late hours and are so tired to cook can take something at the opened hotels. The Mall at the vicinity has most of the items that the inhabitants may need. Also, if an individual requires opening his or her shop in the apartment, there are more available stores where he or she buy one. Why wait? Just purchase one of the condo units at Mezza II Residences and get the privilege to enjoy all these steps away from your home.

One unique feature that is at Mezza II Residences is the presence of a Standby Generator that is at the Select Condo Unit Outlets as well as the common areas. All of the appliances the residents use in their homes need a well-maintained power that is provided at the Mezza II Residences. In a case of power failure, the standby generator acts as a power back-up. Therefore, the people living in the premises are assured the twenty-four-hour availability of electric power. Who would want to stay in a place where there are electric power issues? Purchase a condo unit at the Mezza II Residences to avoid all the electric power problems you are experiencing in your current residential place.

The Mezza II Residences is created by the prominent SMDC to have a centralized garbage collection area. The Centralized Garbage System is important due to the great hygiene for the inhabitants and the residence in general. The individual staying at the apartment worry less of where to dispose of their waste because of the presence of centralized disposal area. A centralized garbage system is of great importance at the Mezza II Residences since the waste products are easy to dispose of, and the garbage collators find it easy to choose the waste products which can be recycled and used to create other useful products.

There are automatic fire sprinklers that are strategically placed in various locations within the apartment. The automatic fire sprinklers were placed in the building because they are one of the effective and convenient ways to do away with fire outbreak in its early phase just before it results in accidental injury to the individuals and harm their valuable property in their premises. The automatic fire sprinklers in the area are important because they automatically take action to the high temperatures from the condo units of the individuals. Therefore, those living in the Mezza II Residences have to worry no more of the fire outbreaks in the premises. Another importance reason of having the specially automated fire sprinklers is that they offer discounts on the insurance premiums. Hence, helping people to have fewer worries regarding their valuable properties being destroyed by any fire outbreaks.

The Mezza II Residences has a mailroom where the individuals can access their important letters and documents sent to them. All they need to do is to alter their current address to the Mezza II Residences’ address for them to be able to get their mails just near their homes. Therefore, there will be no need to go at the postal place to get their mails since all their mails can be accessed at the mailroom which is in the apartment.

Worrying if the vicinity has plenty water to support all its inhabitants? You have to worry no more because the Mezza II Residences has an overhead water tank which plays a great role in supplying enough water in each condo unit. The residents can perform all their laundry as well as clean their cars, and much more with the available enough water.

It is convenient and secure to live at the Mezza II Residences since the security is well-monitored. There is also a twenty-four-hour system which monitored by the project management services. There are various CCTV cameras in different places in the residences that are well-monitored. Therefore, the individuals worry less regarding their security while at the premises. Also, the condo units have maintained alarm alert systems that will always alert you and the authorities of any case of any home breakings. The CCTV cameras are also placed at the parking place where all the cars and motorbikes are properly monitored.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Passengers and Service Elevators
  • Centralized Mailroom
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sky Lounge
  • Function Room
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At the residences, there is a place secluded which is the playing ground for the children. The playing ground is big enough to cater for various games such as football, tennis ball, and much more sports that the children would love to play. Also, the playing ground has merry go rounds, kiddie rides, playground climber, water slides, swings, spiral slides and much more. Staying at the Mezza II Residences offers your kids the type of lifestyle that all children wish to have in their entire lives. Also, at the playing grounds, your kid gets an opportunity to socialize with other children from different family backgrounds.

The apartment has a welcoming grand lobby that invites all the inhabitants and all guests.
The residences have well-covered gazebos whereby the inhabitants can relax as the enjoy the great view of the prominent Manila Bay. The gazebos are located in a convenient place where anyone gets to enjoy the view of the environment.

The Mezza II Residences has swimming pools and the pool deck. The swimming pools are for the youths, adults and the kids. All the swimming pools at the Mezza II Residences are properly maintained to take good care of people’s health. The pool deck is wide enough for the inhabitants. The residents can relax on the pool deck just after their swimming activity. The project management team of the apartment made sure that there are swimming pools to play a big role in the health benefits of its inhabitants. Swimming process is a great body therapy for the individuals since all our body muscles are utilized in the swimming act. Swimming is the best recreational activity for both old and young. Swimming gives an individual a low-impact during the workout as well as a constant feeling of relaxation. Most of the common swimming styles include backstroke, breaststroke sidestroke, and freestyle.

The Mezza II Residences also has special rooms such the library game rooms, and a gym room. The building’s library gives the individuals a great and quiet surrounding where anyone can conduct private studies as well as read their favorite magazines, newspapers, and novels.  The spacious gym rooms have different items that a gym room requires for the different styles of working out. The available game rooms offer the inhabitants with the privilege to participate different sports such as the table tennis, basketball and much more. The inhabitants worry less regarding where to conduct their different functions. Mezza II Residences have various functional rooms where the individuals in the area have the privilege of holding their planned functions like private meetings, parties, happy birthdays and much more.

The residence is a Multi-Purpose building. The residences are split in a way that they serve all types of activities that the people want to do in a day. The apartment has a shopping area, recreational area, relaxation area, and much more area. All the units have a main entrance lobby.
Mezza II Residences have enough parking slots for the motorcycles and cars of the residents. The parking slots are enough to accommodate the residents’ cars. Therefore, for the individuals are assured enough parking slots for all their cars. The parking area is well secured because the location has well-monitored CCTV cameras.

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